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Welcome to my small & private nook of the internet. This is a blog for family, friends, and the curious person wanting to learn more about me. You can find my professional blog here.

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My Companies

  • GreetBox - Group-Based Greeting Cards Online. Bring joy to someone's life with an online eCard filled with messages, photos, videos, and GIFs!

  • FeatureAuditor - User driven product decisions made easy (Pre-Launch)

  • Sheet.Best - Acquired in 2021 by XOXO Capital: Google Sheets to API service using Panda data frames

  • ScreenshotAPI - Acquired in 2020 by XOXO Capital: Screenshot API service

  • XOXO Capital - Co-founder and Partner: Micro-PE fund buying unique, profitable, SaaS, businesses

  • BankerBox (Now Deal Marketing) - Investment Banking, Evolved: Acquired by Intralinks, an SS&C company in 2019

  • DigiQuatics - The All-In-One App for Aquatics: 40,000+ Users (Sold to private buyer in 2019)

  • Autolytx - Automotive Analytics, Made Simple: Dealers in 5 States powering over $50mm in inventory orders

  • OpenWaterTracker - Track Open Water Swimmers Easily (Sold to private buyer in 2019)

  • WeOwePro - Dealership WeOwe Forms Workflow: Worked with local dealers in Denver area in 2017 (Retired)

  • AdWheels - Rideshare Advertising Platform: 20+ Local Uber Drivers in Denver + 10 Prominent Local Businesses (Retired)

Currently Using

  • Computer: MacBook Pro 16 Inch 2019
  • Editor: VS Code
  • Static Site Generator: NextJS
  • Hosting: Vercel
  • CMS:

100 Countries by 100

  1. New Zealand
  2. Tonga
  3. Canada
  4. Iceland
  5. Cuba
  6. Peru
  7. Germany
  8. Romania
  9. Switzerland


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